Weather Modification for Military Purposes – Sonoma State Star

Direct quotes can be found from the 1996 US Air Force public document on the use of environmental modification techniques. However, the US military’s proposed use of climate warfare against “enemies” is not only a crime against humanity, but also a threat to planet Earth.

The need for the United States to control those aspects of the world that do not need to be altered – especially for military purposes – is not commonly known. In the midst of all the most well-known topics of debate and discussion (i.e. gun control, police defunding/reform, the right to do what you want with your body, etc.), attempts by the military to control weather conditions to push themselves forward, or derail “the enemy”, is hardly touched upon.

Not only is this whole ordeal totally unethical, but the ramifications it may have on the well-being of the Earth could be potentially disastrous and irreversible. In an article for Global Research (2020), Professor Michel Chossudovsky stated that the United States had violated a treaty in which the “military or hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects was prohibited.

Nevertheless, there have been many occasions when America decided to ignore the very treaty it had signed.

One of them being Operation HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research), which was “a weapon of mass destruction, operating from the outer atmosphere and capable of destabilizing agricultural and ecological systems around the world.”

By what right does any serviceman, in any country in the world, have or have had the kind of knowledge acquired throughout HAARP’s research? The answer is none; there is no right. The climate is not a weapon of mass destruction that the military can monopolize and manipulate for selfish purposes in the name of “defence”.

The idea that the weather is some kind of tangible object that the United States can control, like the “Precipitation Denial” to cause droughts in countries and deprive people of fresh water in times of war, is without any inhuman doubt, regardless of its intended use. . As if the United States isn’t already using taxpayer dollars to play with military-grade toys on a daily basis in other countries, it needs to weaponize the climate too?

Not to mention what these processes could have on the climate. No one needs to be an expert to know that no one should tamper with how the Earth works. The climate is already in such a fragile state as it is, with the heat rising and the weather conditions constantly messy. More so, altering the weather to get one step ahead of an opponent is the most absurd idea yet.