Russia slammed for ‘using phosphorus bombs’, sparking chemical warfare fears – Reuters

Clouds of a shimmering white substance were filmed over the eastern city of Kramatorsk, days after Russia was accused of using a type of missile that can rupture people’s organs

Apparent use of phosphorus raises fears of chemical weapons attacks

Russian forces have been accused of using banned military tactics during the invasion of Ukraine.

White phosphorus munitions were deployed in the eastern city of Kramatorsk on Monday, according to Kyiv’s deputy police chief.

Video taken on phones and by an ITV camera crew showed a shimmering luminous substance falling from the sky onto the city below.

Oleksiy Biloshytskiy shared a video of fiercely burning material on the ground as he was hit with a shovel.

“Another use of phosphorus munitions in Kramatorsk,” he says in the video.

White phosphorus is used to cause rapid fires due to the aggressive way it burns with oxygen.

Video shows what appears to be burning phosphorus on the ground



The use of white phosphorus is not prohibited by the international convention when used as a smoke screen, but as an incendiary weapon in civilian areas it is prohibited by the Geneva convention.

There are growing fears that Vladimir Putin is considering turning to more extreme forms of attack and even chemical warfare as the month-long invasion comes to a halt.

Over the weekend, an alarming Russian propaganda video began circulating showing terrifying thermobaric rockets capable of melting human organs.

On Saturday, Russian ships in the Black and Caspian Seas launched cruise missile strikes on Ukraine and fired hypersonic missiles from Crimean airspace.

A glittering substance fell on the city of Kramatorsk



One of the strikes destroyed a large fuel storage facility in the Nikolaev region of southern Ukraine, while another damaged a workshop used to repair armored vehicles.

US President Joe Biden said the use of chemical weapons was “a real threat” as he left for Europe to attend a NATO summit on Wednesday.

The United States also reiterated its warning that Russia may be on the verge of staging a false flag attack to justify the use of chemical weapons.

Biden has previously said that Russia’s assertion that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons is a clear sign that Mr Putin is planning to use them.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg also warned that any use of chemical weapons in Ukraine would have far-reaching consequences and would “totally change the nature of the conflict”.

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