NATO forces train in chemical warfare as Putin plots chemical attack | Politics | News

The pace of the Russian advance is such that experts have warned Ukrainian troops are expected to seal off kyiv with mines within the next two days. The chemical warfare exercise is led by France, which currently commands NATO’s Very High Readiness Brigade and has deployed its anti-chemical and biological task force in the town of Elverum.

US intelligence has warned of attempts by Russia to create a “false flag” scenario in which it accuses Ukraine of deploying chemical and biological weapons first. It has already started, with Kremlin claims that the US has secret chemical labs in the country.

“We’ve seen in Syria that even limited use of chemical weapons can wipe out 400 resistance fighters – it takes a long time to do that using conventional weapons,” said Justin Crump, CEO of strategic risk group Sibylline. .

“If Russia pulls the chemical trigger, attacks will be carried out using medium or long missiles with chemical warheads, such as the Belarus-based SS-20s that have the range to hit kyiv, or the long-range Iskanders scope.

With Russian artillery and supply trucks now in the town of Ozera, 30 km northwest of the city, and Berestianka, 10 km further northwest of Antonov airport, the Putin’s forces will soon be able to clench a fist around the city. .

Colonel Hamish of Bretton-Gordon, a former head of the British Army’s chemical unit, last night warned that Ukrainians should receive training in how to survive chemical attacks.

“If the Russians use their Syrian manual, they will start with incendiaries like phosphorus or napalm on the buildings, which will collapse.

“If you think Grenfell Tower was bad, imagine many Grenfell Towers. This will force defenders to hide behind and under rubble, and chemical weapons will then be used to flush them out.

“Because they want denial, they will use chemicals like chlorine and saline, as opposed to things like Novichok, which only Russia has.”

Col de Bretton-Gordon said he called on the government to help prepare Ukrainian civilians for chemical strikes.

“We need to do more to support civilians in Ukraine to offset the effect of these horrific attacks, and while civilians won’t have ventilators, there are still steps they can take.

“The instinct will be to go underground but they should go as high as possible because the material sinks; they must know where the wind is and run from it, and if they get it on their skin, they must wash it off immediately.

For NATO’s Cold Response 2022 exercise, which began last month, a 35,000-man war game will test the Alliance’s northern flank amid fears of a Russian attack after the lockdown. Ukraine.

Also involved is the Royal Navy’s Prince of Wales aircraft carrier, which is filled with helicopters and Royal Marines escorting frigates and destroyers, as well as a Royal Navy nuclear submarine watching for its protection.