Men Are Baffled By Woman’s Confession About ‘Chemical Warfare’ In Our Panties

The men have been left baffled after seeing a woman discuss the ‘chemical warfare’ taking place in a woman’s underwear drawer.

Revealing a list of things “girls do but will never admit,” TikToker Chloe Taylor (@chloetayloruk) was quick to share our dirty secrets.

Discussing the shocking habit of refusing to throw away their old underwear, Chloe added: ‘And don’t get me started on the ones with acid stains.

Going into more detail on the outing, she shared, “Anytime it can feel like the sky is opening up out there. As a guy, just be happy you never have to go through this guy. panic.”

While her ‘chemical warfare’ analogy left her viewers in stitches, some men were shocked by the new information, admitting they had no idea it was something women routinely deal with .

Confirming Chloe’s ‘chemical warfare’ secrets, a number of women took to the comments section to admit it was all too true.

The men were taken aback by Chloe’s comment about chemical warfare. Credit: TikTok/@chloetayloruk

“Not a lie was told,” one TikToker confessed.

“It’s perfect,” added a second.

“Why…Why would you tell them all that haha,” asked a third exasperated viewer.

Shocked by Chloe’s revelation, men also took to the comments to express their utter shock at what’s going on in women’s panties.

“Wtf did i just watch omg thought i heard it all!!” asked a horrified man.

“I know too much as a man,” added a second.

Some people couldn't believe what went into women's panties.  Credit: TikTok/@chloetayloruk
Some people couldn’t believe what went into women’s panties. Credit: TikTok/@chloetayloruk

“Not the video to watch while eating,” joked a third, while a fourth simply wrote, “Bleugh.”

However, not all comments from male viewers were disgusting.

An unfazed TikToker shared, “Knowing that women are as mean as we are is strangely comforting.”

Uh… thanks guys. Maybe we should have kept those details to ourselves after all!