Mailbag: Reducing the human population | Letters

Politicians, bureaucrats and religious leaders refuse to address the root cause of our environmental and political problems: overpopulation.

The First Immigrants of our hemisphere lived here for millennia without exceeding the carrying capacity of the earth. But population growth is destroying our planet.

Due to religious, cultural and economic opposition, this crisis is ignored. In 1950, the world population was 2.6 billion. It will reach 11 billion around 2100. The world population already exceeds what the planet can support.

Paul Ehrlich, author of “The Population Bomb”, said in 2018 that “the optimal world population is less than two billion people”.

The United States is running out of resources to support incessant immigration. Migrant detention levels at the US-Mexico border have reached a 21-year high. There is no sign of this ending. But our ability to produce food for an ever-growing population is running out, because agriculture needs water. We lack water in the main food producing areas.

It’s time to end net immigration. The ethics of the situation apply. If you are the first to reach a lifeboat, your moral obligation is to help others get into the lifeboat. Until the boat is full. Then your moral obligation is to keep anyone out, because overloading will sink the boat and all will die. Frankly, the American “lifeboat” is overfilled and taking on water.

Population reduction is necessary for us to live in balance with nature. Humanistic ideals of scientific expansion of knowledge and compassion for all sentient beings can then flourish.