Dead Kennedys Announce Fresh Fruit Reissue And Share “Chemical Warfare”

Dead Kennedys announced a Fresh fruits for rotten vegetables 40th anniversary reissue that will also include rare archival photos and interviews with Billie Joe Armstrong, Dave Grohl, former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, and more. It arrives September 30 via Manifesto Records.

The 1980 punk debut album, which notably featured singles “Holiday in Cambodia” and “Kill the Poor”, was remixed by famed rock engineer Chris Lord-Alge using the original multitrack tapes. The process appears to have been initiated in 2020 based on the collection’s first offering, “Chemical Warfare (2020 Remix)”.

According to original Dead Kennedys guitarist and Fresh fruit co-producer East Bay Ray, the first snippet of the reissue was also the first to reach the band for approval. In a statement, he shared, “When the label suggested we remix Fresh fruits for rotten vegetables, [bassist] Klaus Fluoride and I were skeptical. But we thought, ‘Why not? Let’s try.’… We tried a song, ‘Chemical Warfare.’ What Chris came back with was amazing. Everyone heard the difference, so we said, “Okay, let’s go!” Stream the remix below.

Lord-Alge praised the project and dove into its approach saying, “Revisiting Fresh fruits for rotten vegetables was such a glimpse of a band packing so much excitement on tape for every song. The style and acting has such vibrancy and spirit. The big challenge for me was to keep it true to its original sound and not let it get modern, but improve the separation and clarity. A major chapter in the history of Dead Kennedys.

More admiration for the monumental album comes in the form of a detailed essay included with the release. Bay Area native Billie Joe Armstrong reportedly said, “My upbringing was punk rock – what the Dead Kennedys said – it was attacking America, but it was America at the same time,” this which clearly shows the roots of the Green Day leader’s philosophy. this caused him to “renounce” his citizenship after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters adds, “I went to DK’s Rock Against Reagan show in Washington. The Dead Kennedys were playing and were one of my favorite bands. There were police helicopters everywhere and buses full of riot police. As a 13 year old it was like my own little revolution.

Fresh fruit mix for rotten vegetables 2022 will be released on CD and vinyl on September 30. Pre-orders are in class.

Fresh fruit mix for rotten vegetables 2022 Masterpieces:

Fresh fruit mix for rotten vegetables 2022 List of tracks:
01. Kill the poor
02. Forward to Death
03. When you get drafted
04. Lynch the owner
05. Drug Me
06. Your emotions
07. Chemical Warfare
08. California Uber Alles
09. I Kill Children
10. Stealing people’s mail
11. Funland at the beach
12. Vacation in Cambodia
13. Long live Las Vegas