A third of the human population will be displaced if climate change is not curbed, Science News

We all hear about climate change, global warming and all the talk that comes with it. However, without a clear idea of ​​its impact on the human population, much of the talk can seem like only theory. But a new report sheds light on the clear danger humanity faces from climate change.

The report says that around a third of the human population may have to leave their homes in search of a cooler climate. The effects of migration of even a fraction of this population are known to cause major disruptions in world affairs.

The team of researchers that conducted the study includes scientists from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China and Uruguay.

Researchers have found that 3.5 billion people will leave their homes around the world in the next 50 years if climate change is not stopped.

“Human Temperature Niche”

Like all animals, humans tend to settle in places with suitable temperature ranges. This is called the “temperature niche” of man. It has been found that for humans, the temperature niche is at an average temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. But climate change threatens to alter the average temperature.

The study indicates that global warming is expected to drastically alter average temperatures compared to the past 6,000 years. Researchers calculate that a temperature increase of just 1 degree Celsius will displace a billion people around the world.